still aching!

Tuesday, 15th August 2006, 6:37pm

Who’s a glutton for punishment? Yep, you’ve guessed it. I had my gym induction then spent about 40 minutes on the gym machines and swiss ball.

My whole body is aching now. I’ll need another boiling bath to soothe my aching muscles. Tomorrow I’m going to do cardio kick with Alvin and Linda. I think I’ll need a day away from the gym on Thursday – I’m not a robot after all.

Still haven’t written anything, but I got an idea at 4am this morning… just need to get down to it. Haven’t taken any pics either.

Watching the Adventures of Superman right now – Dean Cain is so hot! Apparently he’s going to be in Lost soon – that show is a hotbed of hotties! I’ve gotta get onto the island…a few weeks of basic living amongst all that talent and my excess weight would just evaporate into the island air…

Now I sound like a bubble-headed bimbo, obsessed with men, but I just have an admiration of natural aesthetics, that’s all…

EDIT: According to IMDB, Dean Cain’s been in a film called Lost. I say we should start a petition to get him into the series. He could be one of the Others… the ones that we’ve seen so far haven’t been too aesthetically pleasing…

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dog tired!

Monday, 14th August 2006, 8:17pm

i decided to join the work gym today. who told me to do that? don’t answer that mum!!

actually, i’m going to play a game with my mum, and not tell her i’ve joined for a few weeks. i’ll wash my gym clothes at the launderette and let her think that i’m lounging around as usual. when i start losing weight she’ll wonder what’s going on. it’s evil, and twisted, but she needs to learn that i’m my own person.

i went to the spinning class with alan at lunchtime. the guy was relentless, it was the hardest class i’ve ever had, bar none. he had us leaning over, pumping our arms, i’ve never used my body so much! my lower body was aching during and afterwards. it wasn’t just me, alan was dying too. there was a mature lady in the class but she just kept a slow pace and didn’t stand up on the bike at all.

i’ll have my gym induction tomorrow, then i’ll start weight training again. not sure about the nike 10k, i’ll see how it goes. £25 isn’t too much to lose if i don’t go thru with it again.

i got the airport express this evening so that i can listen to my itunes music on my stereo speakers. it was really easy to setup, and luckily i had some compatible cables at home which worked a treat. it’s so nice to be able to hear all my fave tunes on my powerful speaker, just like before when i had my music equipment.

still not writing anything. i’m really tired though, and at least i’m writing this. it must be nearly a month since i told terri valentine, my writing mentor, that i’d get cracking on the novel, and i haven’t written a word since then. so many ideas are flying around my skull, but i can’t seem to be able to pull them together.

just saw an ad – i’m not into horror, but SNAKES ON A PLANE looks to be a cult classic. B-Movie bliss, it’s gotta be done! I have my vices, i’m only human ((wink, wink))



Sunday, 13th August 2006, 6:30pm

another weekend down the pan… well i did some housework and watched a couple of films i guess. still not writing and i haven’t taken a single pic. i need to take a leaf out of bruv’s book – take the cam everywhere.

am i a photographer or a writer or just a jaded unhappy office slave? the choice is mine.

i’m eating loads of crap too. i want to slim down, but something is stopping me, or perhaps i’m not stopping myself… i haven’t started running yet. i need to start tomorrow.

monday is such a day of burden. it’s a new week, a new start. but my resolve only seems to last until breakfast, when i automatically give myself a sweet cup of tea to help myself to wake up.

it’s raining outside. the lightning freaked me out a little, it seemed to be getting closer for a while. i started worrying about having rubber nearby – i’ve read all those real-life stories about people being saved by their trainers… can lightning strike you through a window?

if i were happy, i’d have nothing to complain about. that would be a strange feeling. is that why i’m finding it so hard to change my life?

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Friday, 11th August 2006, 1:50pm

I’m at work, certain people keep on hassling me, I’m bored and I’ve got nothing to read…

Somebody help me!

At least it’s Friday… I need a holiday! But will I survive my travels while these terrorists are hell-bent on blowing things up?? Oh well, c’est la vie… or the opposite of that… ce n’est pas la vie? c’est la morte? whatever!!

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PJ vs London Transport

Tuesday, 8th August 2006, 8:43pm

I’m going to be a bit mysterious here in my first post. All I’m going to say is that my court case was dismissed, and I’m a free woman… kinda. Sometimes justice prevails.

I’ve caught the travel bug again. Rome is calling me. I think it’s going to be another solo adventure – my favourite kind!


Thanks for staying! Come again soon.