Festive Spirit

Friday, December 28th, 2007 | Posted in reading, Uncategorized

Last Sunday I went to visit my grandma who lives in East London.

As I left my home that afternoon I discovered the thick mist which had descended over the city and lasted all day. (People from other countries seem to think that London is always foggy, but it’s quite rare really, and mostly happens on the odd winter morning.) Anyway, I felt like I might have entered the Victorian London of the novel that I’m currently reading, The Meaning of Night by Michael Cox.

the meaning of night

On the train into central London I noticed that some (presumably) young vandal had written “BELIEVE SANTA EXISTS” plus something about BSE (mad cow disease) on a window opposite me. I felt compelled to take a pic of it with my camera-phone.

santa graffiti

What a lovely sentiment, spreading the joy of Christmas to children everywhere. It’s just a shame that the perpetrator felt the need to damage public property to convey the message…

After visiting my grandma and making my journey homewards, I alighted from the train and left my home station. It was about 6pm, and there were plenty of people around. As I passed a nearby supermarket I heard a loud and unusual sawing noise. I looked towards the source of the sound and realised that it was being caused by a young man sawing through a bicycle chain outside the store, with a couple of mates assisting in the operation. One of them looked at me. I looked away and continued home.

bike thief

Now I realise I should have gone into the supermarket and told a security guard about the situation, but at the time I wasn’t thinking in that way. I just wanted to go home. Someone who would be bold enough to steal a bike so blatantly might have been prepared to turn violent. I just hope they got caught before they rode off. No thanks to me though.

Interesting Linkage

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Prude holds library sex-ed books hostage

How to survive in prison

And tips for becoming gorgeous (my personal favourite is #11)

Here’s one of my favourite vids (Around the World by Daft Punk). Just cos I wanna.

What a dirty cow!

Saturday, September 8th, 2007 | Posted in celeb news, dirty cows

I don’t know who is going to be the winner of Dirty Cows, but according to this article, the hostess has kept the meal to herself. Yep, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and Alexy Van Kimmenade are dating, and were getting close even during the filming of the show!

Tara and Alexy

I had a feeling that there was some chemistry between them, and the very perceptive Salty predicted it in a recent comment, but I wouldn’t have expected them to get together so soon…

It’s Mr Right all over again! Though let’s hope it doesn’t have the same ending.

I’ll still watch the show for its bitchiness and entertainment value, but I don’t think I’ll bother with the blow-by-blow reviews, unless anyone really wants me to continue.

Disclaimer: my lawyers have asked me to confirm that Alexy, Tara and Living TV all deny that T&A are dating…

Dirty Cow

Naughty naughty

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My cousin Freddy is currently enjoying a two week break in Jamaica. He’s staying at the same hotel where I stayed in May. My friend who works at the hotel mentioned that he’d had a chat with my cousin and his girlfriend.

Later on I had the following conversation with my mum: (more…)

Hair Gel or Make-Up Ad?

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007 | Posted in Eye Candy

I know he’s a pretty boy but still…