Lonely London

Sunday, January 25th, 2009 | Posted in Uncategorized

While millions of people were opening their presents on Christmas morning, one Londoner decided to take advantage of the mass desertion of the city centre. Inspired by the scenes in 28 Days Later, Ian rode around some of the busiest tourist attractions and shopping districts in London and took photos of the empty streets and abandoned sites.

I found it so strange to see the usually bustling areas of town, such as Oxford Street and the South Bank, devoid of people. Actually, now I’m tempted to escape my family next Christmas day to enjoy my city without the crowds.

Abandoned London Flickr set (via)

Love Gravity

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008 | Posted in art

Li Wei Art
Li Wei Art
Li Wei Art

Love at the High Place by Li Wei (via Hemmy.net)

A Head for Figures

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(I was sure that I posted this last night, but all I could find today was a earlier draft version which I’ve amended from memory – sorry if you’ve already seen this via rss.)

I haven’t paid much attention to my flickr account lately, though I’ve had the odd comment or group invitation from time to time. Today I had an interesting one, the Figurehead group invited me to submit the following pic to their photo pool:

A beautiful busty maiden?

It’s the figurehead of the Cutty Sark, a clipper ship which is held in dry dock in Greenwich. She looks quite attractive from this angle, doesn’t she? All long flowing locks and pert bosoms. Interestingly, she looks quite different from the other side of the ship:

An old chesty hag?

Not so pretty now, eh? I did some research and discovered that her name is Nannie, and she is a witch from a Robert Burns poem:

Tam saw that among the ugly group of witches, there was one which was young and beautiful. Her name was Nannie, and she wore only a ‘cutty sark’, a short shift. Tam was bewitched and, as her dancing became wilder, in his excitement, he cried out “Weel done cutty sark!” The witches then pursued Tam who fled for his life to the bridge over the river Doon, for he knew that witches could not cross running water. Nannie was faster than the others and, as the mare galloped over the bridge, she seized it by the tail, which came off in her hand. Hence, the figurehead is always shown holding a horse’s tail in her left hand.


Sunday, February 24th, 2008 | Posted in my life

I haven’t been pursuing my photography consistently recently; my distance-learning course ends in the next few days and I feel like I’ve wasted that opportunity, but I should have known better than to enrol on it. I seem to prefer to learn things as and when I need them rather than following a prescribed course of study.

Still, I’ve made some progress, mainly due to having my pics hosted on flickr. Two of my photos were chosen for Schmap Guides to London and Paris, and someone whose photos I really admire invited me to join his group called THE EXTRAORDINARY PHOTOGRAPH.

Last week I ventured into central London again: Clapham, Battersea, Chelsea, Piccadilly, Charing Cross then Victoria. You’ll see that I also stopped at the Hard Rock CafĂ© too. While I was around Leicester Square and Charing Cross Rd I also took some pics for Splotchy’s new blog, which was fun. Here are some of the results.

On my travels I purchased this canvas pic of a sexy pair of lips, which is currently hanging above my desk.


And finally, a guy has offered to model for me, in response to item 62 on my 99 things:shock: Not like that, it’ll be all above board. So now I need to find a suitable studio to hire for a few hours next Sunday…

Seductive Shapes

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007 | Posted in Eye Candy

One of the first things I see each morning is my Bruno Bisang 2007 calendar. Ms October is a beautiful nude portrait, but aesthetically I see more than just her nudity when I look at her.

Ms October 2007 by Bruno Bisang

I see the shapes. Don’t you see them?

Firstly, there’s the circular shape of her derriere. And the smaller circle of her breast, which could be seen as a diagonal reflection of the larger one. Then there are the triangles formed by the positioning of her arms, plus the S created by the arching of her back.

I compare it to the following pic of Kate Moss by Mario Sorrenti, which has quite the opposite shape and feeling about it. I feel that the Bisang is more of a sensual celebration of the body, while the Sorrenti is a statement on introspection.

Kate Moss, 1993 by Mario Sorrenti

What do you think? Which do you prefer?