Are you a recluse?

Recluse in Training

Find out now in this highly unscientific quiz.

Question 1:

Hell is:
Other people
A 'team-building' day at work
A party without booze
Solitary confinement

Question 2:

A friend invites you to her boyfriend's birthday party. You won't know anyone else there.
Relish the opportunity to let it all hang out
Find an excuse not to go.
Agree to attend; you're sure it will be fine.
Refuse to go; why did she even ask you in the first place?

Question 3:

Your ideal holiday/vacation would be:
A meditation course in the countryside
A solo retreat - anywhere, as long as you're alone.
Partying at Ibiza, Aiya Napa or the Hamptons.
The usual kind of vacation with a few pals - sight-seeing, sunbathing, shopping, etc.

Question 4:

It's Saturday, and you have nothing scheduled for the day.
Meet up with all the gang for drinks.
Watch a film with a friend.
Go shopping with a couple of mates.
Stay in bed. All day.

Question 5:

The last time you left the house was:
You can't remember.
You're never home. You just shower and sleep there.
Yesterday, or the day before.
During the last 12 hours.

Question 6:

How many friends do you meet up with regularly?
10 or more
Do online friends count? How about the mailman? I see him everyday!

Question 7:

Internet dating is:
For losers who can't get a date.
A way of meeting people who I probably wouldn't meet otherwise.
The only way I'm going to meet my soulmate.
A last resort.

Question 8:

Famous recluses like J.D. Salinger and Phil Spector are:
Complete Freaks!

212 Responses to “Quiz: Are you a Recluse?”

  1. 1

    Just about right.

  2. 2

    Come on then, what was your result?

  3. 3

    hmm…so m a non-recluse ( dats wat ur quiz says !) ……. well, maybe its right ..watever !
    Nice blog though ….. really liked it .

  4. 4

    You must be quite the party animal, Sen. Glad you enjoyed the blog.

  5. 5

    Non-recluse. Cool blog. Hope you break the writers block soon

  6. 6

    I’ve been a recluse so long, I’ve really sort of forgotten about it. I only remember under stress, when my family bugs me about meeting up for a family do or something. Bleah. I guess I must like it… it started when I was about ten, and I’m 43 now. Long live the recluses… we never pick up the flu from work. =)

  7. 7

    Oh, I got the Recluse’s Recluse, btw. =) Champion!

  8. 8

    Recluse in training

    I really should get a job I can do from home.

  9. 9

    Recluse in training….

    Just stumbled upon your blog…. very nice indeed


  10. 10

    Hi all, we’re getting an interesting set of results here. Stimps, I think you’re the first Recluse’s Recluse I’ve heard about.

  11. 11


    I’m not sure if I should be proud or not. =)

  12. 12

    Yeah, it’s probably a dubious honour.

  13. 13

    I’m a recluse-in-training too! :grin:

  14. 14

    Welcome to the club, J.D. :mrgreen:

  15. 15

    Recluse in training. Only because I have children am I not more reclusive. Those little buggers are required to go to school by law!

  16. 16

    yep I’m a recluse , I killed all my friends.

  17. 17

    Recluse-in-Training…so thats what my result says. Well when I saw just the result, I was like …what the **** but when I read the description, I realized that nothing else could describe me better. Nice stuffs. Enjoyed your 99 things…I am presently facing a writer’s block and my job in a Call Center doesn’t help the matters either.

  18. 18
    Evil Genius:

    All hail the Recluse’s Recluse! – Don’t even want to comment here, I am even reclusive online. Could not resist the quiz.

  19. 19

    I’m a recluse, I’ve been one for about 2 years now, I 20 years old, I play video games and watch anime, I’m a total otaku as well. The only time I leave to so go to the gas station to get some gamming fuel, I stay up late and wake up at about 4 or 5pm and do it all over again. I buy almost everything online… I one time even bought a gallon of milk online, come to think of it, a orginisation called my house the other day wondering if I was interested in a program that will actually by all my gosseries and deliver them to me. I not sure how they got my number or how they new I was such a recluse, kinda freaky. Anyway, I like it, no one here to piss me off or to get in my way, im not crazy (who said I was crazy), I’ll be an recluse an otaku forever!

  20. 20

    If you are a recluse or a recluse in training, I sugjest you watch “Welcome to the NHK”. it’s an anime about a guy who has been a recluse for 4 years, really good storyline.

  21. 21
    Ed Beisel:

    :evil: KMA Strange one!

  22. 22

    :shock: Ello, I am pretty much a recluse so my horrible girlfriend keeps telling me. She thinks it is pretty insane to be up at 3am or 6am and then sleep til late morning or just when the fuck I want!
    I am pretty much a Misanthrope as well…anyone else??! I didn’t realise there was anyone like me. I have been made to feel ashamed of my lifestyle. I sometimes don’t go outside for days and I now have a bit of a phobia about using the telephone. I go for days without talking to anyone or even setting one foot outside my door. Sometimes, today for instance I have had to resort to powdered milk as I have a phobia about going out, most people think I am weird where I live and so they leave me alone for the most part!

  23. 23

    :twisted: I am the happiest on my own…food and tv and peace……………au revoir

  24. 24

    :wink: pretty much what i thought. am geting more reclusive as the years go on though. will take the test again in another 5 years!

  25. 25

    I am a recluse in training. I am pretty much a tortured soul who can’t stand being with people but I can’t stand being alone for very long either.

  26. 26

    Recluse in training l ……….i actually came across when i was trying to find out whether i can socialize at all after totally lettin my bro down at a party where i was a total antisocial……..Sigh sigh truth is so bitter for me ………Very nice blog tho :smile:

  27. 27

    I’m not doing a whole lot these days, I’ve since retired from Printing and Graphic, wife is still working at her business however. I do some photography from time to time as a hobby and enjoy spending time with my wife at home now that the kids have moved out and on their own.

  28. 28
    Eddie Shapanski:

    I am The RECLUSE’S RECLUSE…I love my life style
    my perfect existense would be.. Never have to endless supply of Opiates..
    Buying everything online & have it deliverd….NEVER have the Sun shine , I HATE SUNSHINE btw

  29. 29

    :neutral: I enjoy being a recluse because I spent my entire life resolving other’s problems, spending thousands to enrich their lives and really do not enjoy, want or need their company because I have given all I can give. I just want everyone to be happy, successful and leave me alone. I just feel stressed when they want to visit or include me in their activities. I have been let down by so many people, churches, organizations, friends that, although I don’t feel it was deliberate on anyone’s part, I trust no one and just enjoy the peace and tranquility when I have no expectations and am alone.

  30. 30

    I got recluse in training. Sounds about right! I refuel emotionally by getting away from other people.

  31. 31

    It’s funny because i want to date but I don’t feel like leaving the house and meeting people. What’s the point?

  32. 32
    Ukhti (ook-tee):

    My result is ‘All Hail the Recluse’s Recluse”. Just for the record, I am an not an agoraphobic with a fear of the of open places or others. I simply have no interest in life beyond my front door. Some, like myself, just tend to thrive best hermit-style.

  33. 33


    Done the quiz and I am a recluse in traning it says. In real life though, I am a recluse. I have two friends whom I text and email once a month. I have now moved country which means I won’t see them until who knows. I contact my family by text on my mobile phone once a month and I have no intention of making friends. I am however, an animal lover. I greet shopkeepers and wave to neighbours. I am comfortable with that but as soon as I feel that someone wants to be a friend, I vanish. I cannot stand people’s presence around me. I am very protective over my territory (my home) and just don’t like people coming to the house, unless they have to do the plumbing or the house is on fire.

  34. 34

    Im a recluse in my mind at least I work 6 days a week and get on with my work colleuges etc I get invited to places with them and occasionally go. I have only one close friend and we meet probably every couple of weeks I’ve had many friends in my life but have not maintained contact with them a few I wish that I had kept in contact with. If I had the money I think I would probably move to the country have a few dogs and really only keep in touch with my parents lol. I have had a few girlfriends and would like a life partner but Its hard to meet people when you live the kind of life I do. I guess I come across normal but I’d just like a quiet life with a beautiful girl to travel with.

  35. 35

    Oh no, I am NOT a recluse in training. Let me take it again! :arrow:

  36. 36

    I’m a female recluse in training! Most definitely :cool: I love it! I can only stand people around me for a short time. I eventually feel like I want to either have a nervous breakdown or whack them over the head with a two by four to make them get lost. I just get too stressed. I’m single with kids and yes I have to deal with the school and I walk them there and back everyday. But I rarely talk to anyone unless I have to and believe it or not I have an excellent reputation at the school. Probably because I keep my big mouth shut about issues. I love it when my kids go with their dad on the weekends. I need the time to refuel for the following week. Ahhhh it’s like heaven! I rarely go out unless I have to like grocery shop or whatever and even that takes me a couple of hours to pysch myself up to do cuz I just love being at home period. I can’t even stand family visits at my home ugh that is the most stressful of all. Ya’ all just leave me alone! LOL ;-)

  37. 37
    Dr. Deception:

    A Recluse’s Recluse here. Like I needed any verification. :cool: I just came across your blog (is that still the used word?) today by typing “reclusivity” in a Google search. I enjoy your blog–thanks.

  38. 38

    Love the name, Dr D. Glad you like the blog.

  39. 39

    In training all my life :cry:

  40. 40

    Never mind, Chris. It’s not a contest.

  41. 41

    okay…now what?

  42. 42

    Now nothing. You want a lollipop or something? ;)

  43. 43
    Janina Newball:

    My friend told me about this. Interesting…

  44. 44
    Mac Stout:

    I am Mac Stout —– by society!

  45. 45

    I like your crisp writing style. All the best to you.

  46. 46

    I’m “The Recluse’s Recluse….. Cool!

    Can you send me one of those lollipops? I don’t want to risk a covert trip out to get a sugar fix.


  47. 47

    All out of lollies at the mo, Gazboy, but you should enjoy the glow of knowing that you’re the most reclusive of them all.

  48. 48

    Just as I suspected – I’m ” The Recluse’s Recluse”. :cool:

  49. 49

    Recluse in training. I am/was an only child, thought I had it down to a fine art :(

  50. 50
    Linda Reesor:

    I need some to talk with , some one who won;t condeme or riducle me. Some who will listen

  51. 51

    Recluse in training sounds about right! Social settings stress me out big. I just started therapy for my anxieties. I just find it easier to be alone! Thanks for sharing guys!!! :razz:

  52. 52

    All hail the else’s recluse….hmm, somehow I’m not surprised, I’ve always been reclusive :)

  53. 53

    Boo! Im an extrovert I dont know how this happened to me, I’m thinking it over! I am not Enloightend as I thought I was or a recluse. But I do like drinking on my own. Its cheaper that way.

  54. 54
    Leahg cartoonist:

    It’s official I am a recluse…..

  55. 55

    Wow there many more people like me.

  56. 56

    All hail the Recluse’s Recluse!
    Ok, I need a psychoanalyst. Too bad there isn’t one in my house.

  57. 57

    I’d write something pithy here, but I’d rather not draw attention to myself. Now, please leave me alone.

  58. 58

    I am def a recluse in training…I work, but I don’t socialize with anyone or take up any invites. I cannot wait to get home at the end of the day, shut the door, turn off the phone and just relish my own existence. I shop in express stores because I hate large crowds, never make eye contact and the only way I can get through dealing with people is to imagine I am invisible. I just wanna write, drink coffee, sit in my secluded garden, watch TV or read…perfect. Never want to be in a relationship again as it fuels my anxiety. I like my life. I am happy. :smile:

  59. 59

    So much easier to just depend and take care of myself. Ppl suck. Too much drama…

  60. 60

    I think it can be a balanced life.It runs in my family;friendly enough,not shy,can get along with most anyone.It’s just a matter of preferring not to.Also,being indifferent toward interaction(as most people just leave you cold).Having a better time alone in bed with a book,as opposed to craving attention and opartying,can be wonderfully liberating.

  61. 61

    i got recluses’s recluse. but hey, i still come to work everyday. i just basically think people suck and going out is an inconvenience but hey i do live in vegas town of whores and douchebags so….yeah. I love dogs. lol

  62. 62

    kevin – agree on all counts. I could, I would just rather not.

  63. 63

    I’m a Recluse’s Recluse…..That’s about right. I cant remember the time I left the house.

  64. 64

    Is this even still active?

    Well, anyway, I got the Recluse’s recluse. I expected as much, as I think i’ve gone a full year or two without seeing any family members besides my parents who I live with. Same goes for my friends.

    My dream life is renting an apartment, in some region that I don’t know anyone in, and just live life with no connections to anyone. I know it sounds weird, but whenever I think about living that life, I get so incredibly happy that only people who feel the same way I do could understand it. People are tiring to be around, and to cope with.

    Anyway, that’s just my point of view.

  65. 65

    Hi MonZod, thanks for your comment. I’m not actively blogging at the moment, but I’m really glad to read your responses and to know that people are still finding the blog useful.

  66. 66

    the old adage “no man is an island” is absolutely WRONG! i am an island and love every waking moment of soltiude and being a total recluse. I NEED NO ONE FOR ANYTHING–EVER!!!!!!!!!! i am an extremely happy person and love MY life the way it is. JUST ME!! i don’t even have a pet. people around me at work enjoy my company, but after work–it’s all about ME. i am a giver, never a taker. i am about charity and helping those in need. but when it’s my time–it’s MY TIME. i go to work–go home–happy happy, joy joy!!

  67. 67

    Rob – I couldn’t agree with you more. I mean I have pets but I can testify to being totally happy, well-liked and a recluse. I recently took on a roommate. BIG MISTAKE. He’s great, don’t get me wrong – but I can’t tell you how invaded I feel. In four months – that shit is over, lol. Love being alone. Perfectly functional recluse here.

  68. 68

    All hail the recluse’s recluse!

  69. 69

    Very rude of me to ask but if you’re not actively blogging what are you up to these days PJ?

    Just wondering what’s keeping a recluse busy.

  70. 70

    I just do not like to talk to people , see their faces , well why am i typing right now ….

  71. 71

    Recluse’s recluse. 33 and never had a girlfriend or even a date and just like staying at home with my own thoughts and reading and watching foreign language/world films. Used to be hurt about rejection by girls and no women ever showing interest in me but I have peace of mind now.

  72. 72
    Oli Bee:

    Well in Doug :) , I work with people all day long !! ,,And i hate it !,I would quiet happily never leave the house if i could

  73. 73
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  74. 74
    Abel Urmeneta:

  75. 75
    Chanda Sanosyan:

  76. 76

    I am a recluse in training ;-)
    My sister in law and my siblings drive me nuts! They like communicating everyday
    I am happy to chat to them once a month or once every two weeks, preferably via text if I can get away with it.
    I love them of course but once a month suits me just fine. I get so stressed when my husband wants us to visit his parents. I swear my mood changes dramatically!
    I am happiest alone in the house. I sometimes think of letting my live in housekeeper go. She gets in my way. I sometimes lock myself in the room so I can be completely alone and I don’t have to deal with her.

  77. 77
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  78. 78

    Fuck the world and everyone in it. When I get my new place I am cutting everyone out of my life exept my son and only going out when I need to pay bills get stuff my son or I need. People fucking suck and are fake as hell. Im tired of opening up to people that dont give a shit and then wonder why you close them out

  79. 79

    I’m so fucking done with everyone! I’ve come to realize who my true friends and family is and that is my son. Know I understand why people become a recluse!!!! :idea:

  80. 80

    I’m a non recluse(= I don’t know why, but I both enjoy being alone and also being with people at the same time :o

  81. 81
    Leroy Jenkins:

    my result was recluse in training, which is kind of right. i think i’m by myself alot because i don’t have much family, alot of people are full of shit (just being honest) and my level of income. i enjoy being with my kids, watching videos online and hanging wit my lady friends.

  82. 82

    Ha,ha,ha,….yes I will agree that I am a “recluse in training.”

  83. 83
    rob ashcroft:

    I think your scoring system is a bit wrong. I scored All hail the Recluse’s Recluse! but I must be much more of a recluse than that :roll:

  84. 84
    Clutch Hardstone:

    I am a RECLUSE’S RECLUSE! I can dig EDDIE SHAPANSKI’s comments:

    Eddie Shapanski…my perfect existense would be.. Never have to endless supply of Opiates..Buying everything online & have it deliverd….NEVER have the Sun shine , I HATE SUNSHINE btw GRAY & THUNDER STORMS..LONGER WINTERS WITH A LOT OF BLIZZERDS & HIGH WIND…NO DAYLIGHT SAVEINGS TIME ….I LOVE THE NIGHT

    Eddie, you and I would make great friends, except I like being alone. I don’t have to work. I do buy everything online, except groceries, and have it delivered. Sometimes UPS comes by 3 times in a week. I get depressed when we have days of endless sunshine. I thrive with months of gray drizzle, and about 39 degrees is perfect for me. It keeps the kids and dogs inside, and I don’t have to shovel my driveway (not that I’m going anywhere). I hate anything that delays the appearance of nighttime. 4AM is the best time of day if you have to go to Walmart or something to get a fuse. I am married, love my wife, we get along great, but I don’t love people. A Team-Building day at work would make me want to contemplate suicide.

  85. 85
    jr brown:

    waiting to see my result!

  86. 86
    jr brown:

    waiting for results! ;-)

  87. 87
    jr brown:

    oh well wating for results

  88. 88

    JR Brown, your result should appear straight away, please try again.

  89. 89

    Recluse in training apparently. I get real aggravated/cranky being around a lot of people for an extended period of time. I cuss people out (to myself) all the time because they are just in the way or crowding me. Seems someone is always around even in the most inconspicuous places sometimes. If I go down an empty aisle in the supermarket and want to take my time looking at something, it seems everyone wants to be in the exact same spot after I am there…annoying! I mainly think my attitude towards people has gotten worse over the years mainly because of what I read in the news and how it seems this world gets more f’ed up as time goes on. Don’t get me wrong, I will greet people or speak to people if they approach me or actually ask me a question (I am actually pretty nice), but I don’t go out of my way anymore to socialize. I had a group of friends in high school (made friends pretty easy), but once I left HS, it became harder and harder to make friends. Luckily I met my husband (online dating site) and we are very much alike…at least I can be reclusive with him. I haven’t worked for over 5 years and I am working on my degree. I am very much an animal lover (I have 6 pets) and will take a crowd of animals over people any day.

  90. 90

    @eeyoremyeeyore: I agree with your comment…I am tired of fake people too and am also over trying to tell people how I am doing when they are obviously not listening and really don’t care.

    @Clutch Hardstone: You are so right….4 am or earlier IS the best time to go to Wal-Mart ;)

  91. 91

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    You have ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man.

    Have a great day. Bye

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  92. 92
    Greta G:

    Recluse’s Recluse! Sounds right! I’d rather be left alone darling!!

  93. 93
    Hugo Dare:

    Recluse’s Recluse….thought as much
    just finished my reclusive vacation…left the house once in 12 days.
    Work tomorrow….dread

  94. 94

    the reclusive life style sounds quite pleasant to me. people overwhelm me. not because I dislike them or anything, it’s just I feel mentally, emotionally and physically drained by them. I guess I’m extremely introverted and it’s hard to describe this to my friends without them making them think I no longer like them, ya know? :oops:

  95. 95

    For me: “All hail the Recluse’s Recluse! They say that no man is an island, but you’re the nearest thing to it. You’re lucky that you live in the time of the internet.”

    Guess so.

  96. 96
    Ricky B:

    I took the test, mostly out of fun. I knew my results already.
    recluses recluse! I was a reclusive agoraphobic from age 15 to 25.
    at the same time I had anorexia from 14 to 16. then got social anxiety disorder along with the agoraphobia. when I was 24 my dad died and mid 20′s on I attempted and (failed) at some kinda social life, met people had friends (never parties or events!!!) just walked with and would do things around town with. had a couple of doomed relationships that caused me to wanna be a recluse again.
    endless family deaths and tragedies happened, my mom had a stroke in 97 and never regained her ability to speak along with the rest of my family crashing down. my own social anxiety is constant but I manage (sometimes) in my mid to late 30′s I took some great trips just about everywhere, back east, the coast of California, the Grand many fun places and even had a bit of social life. but other tragic events took place and by age 39 I was ready to become a recluse again. now in my late 40′s I only go out when I have to for food, errands (small town) and the doctor every other month. I attend no town events at Xmas, 4th of July or any other we have. I live alone and rarely answer my door. never hang with friends or visit anyone, I have let all my friendships slide and they me. when its cool I go for solitary walks several ties a week and stay in when its hot. I’m not especially depressed, I just am tired of the back stabbing people I have known and have trust issues. I can handle my life, pay bills (and my moms) clean my place and take care of what needs be, but I prefer to be alone and watch old movies, listen to music, cook and take care of my apt and cat.
    people do see me out, but sometimes not for months. I can talk to anyone when i’m out. but feel awkward sometimes and can’t wait to get home. I am a mix of agoraphobia and just plain don’t wanna be around people for long. had I had an easier time growing up without so many failures and personal problems I might be different, who’s to say? but like Garbo, I just vant to be left alone.I feel I deserve my well-earned privacy and quiet life.

  97. 97
    Davey T:

    I like people I just don’t like to be around them most of the time. That’s including women too. I don’t want a woman in my life and I will be fine. Never accomplished much in my life but consequences jail, prison, drugs, etc. I wouldn’t be angry if I never saw another human being for the next 25 or 30 years. My only problem would be money right now. I would buy solitary freedom from all people.

  98. 98
    Davey T:

    I love the solitary life ever since I was 14 I tried to fit in with people but I was a fool. I seem to correspond with me better when I am alone. I’d rather deal with people at trade school, work, or maybe the doctor, but not with my personal time. People are misguided, selfish, egotistical, mean, low-down, non-caring, despicable, individuals. Sometimes I wish I never knew the people I already knew. Maybe the good Lord will understand me.

  99. 99

    They say that no man is an island, but you’re the nearest thing to it. You’re lucky that you live in the time of the internet.

    being a recluse is safe for me, i’m less likely to disappoint or get hurt :oops:

  100. 100

    “I can talk to anyone when i’m out. but feel awkward sometimes and can’t wait to get home. I am a mix of agoraphobia and just plain don’t wanna be around people for long. had I had an easier time growing up without so many failures and personal problems I might be different, who’s to say? but like Garbo, I just vant to be left alone.I feel I deserve my well-earned privacy and quiet life.”

    Quote Ricky, thanks for that post, this is exactly how i feel :roll:

  101. 101
    Frankie Miears:

    this kind of great and also informative article makes myself wish to commence my own day time off on a good note, many thanks to my kindle

  102. 102
    Caroll Betts:

    I am so glad I found your site. I really found you by accident, while I was browsing on Google for something else. Anyways I am here now and would just like to say thank you for a tremendous post and an all round inspiring blog. (I also enjoy the theme/design), I don’t have time to read through it all at the minute, but I have added your website to my favorites, so when I have time I will be back to read more. Please do keep up the awesome job!

  103. 103
    Laquanda Gierman:

    I am so glad I stumbled upon your site. I really found you by accident, while I was browsing on Yahoo for something else. Anyways I am here now and would just like to say thank you for a great post and an all round inspiring blog. (I also enjoy the theme/design), I don’t have time to read through it all at the minute, but I have added your website to my favorites, so when I have time I will be back to read more. Please do keep up the awesome job!

  104. 104

    Recluse in training. So glad there are more people who understand.

  105. 105
    Rob howel:

    Intresting, but not designed for someone who lives 15 miles from nearest

  106. 106


  107. 107

    I hate being with people or even seeing alot of them around me, I had this phobia where I feel uncomfortable just walking around and I always feel their cold stares, I avoided going out much for much and before I knew it, I became a recluse. Just a teenager here but I don’t seem to fit in with other people of my age group. Started avoiding people cause of an incident.

    nice to know there are other recluses with the same problems

  108. 108

    I’m the closet thing to an island apparently……well that’s a lovely thing to say to a girl :!:

  109. 109

    Hey..hope you’re well. Looking forward to more of your’s been a fair while.

    I was in London last week. What an amazing place. I spent some time at Waterfront’s in Piccadilly. You’ve been there no doubt.

    Hope to see more of you on here.


  110. 110

    recluse-in-training. The only friends I have are at yoga class and people I share with but not my innermost self. That question about Saturday morning and no plans – I would choose to be alone but not in bed all day. Gardening, yoga, clean the car but alone. Just because you are recluse doesn’t mean you waste your life in bed!

  111. 111

    Hey Carl, thanks for your comment. It’s not a serious quiz by any means, but I do like to laze around in bed all day if I get the chance. Each to their own I guess.

  112. 112

    Says im a recluse….hit the nail on the head…..i guess i was just hoping for a different answer….oh well, cant fight what u kno is already true i guess

  113. 113

    Recluse’s Recluse.. sounds about right lol. nice site

  114. 114

    In training. But I was a full recluse just a couple of weeks ago, so, it’s something. I suffered a lot for 8 months, although I’ve been like that all my life.

  115. 115

    :roll: I must say what a relief to read the posts of ‘recluses’ in the making and those who are at peace with themselves. ‘Be true to thyself’. I very much enjoyed reading the candid responses of exposing genuine feelings about an issue that makes you feel weird left wondering ‘Am I weird’? I must say I relate to people who are simply burned out by the end of their work day. I work with 180 students per day, giving each any drop of help, blood , sweat , tears, I can because I care about them. Sometimes I do feel resentment when no one seems to appreciate it – but hey today I watched Joel Osteen and he said if you have never been thanked and you serve others in quiet God knows. I relate also to the person who has been hurt and disappointed and just wants to have peace, tranquility without feeling as though you piss yet someone else off. I am kind to everyone, and need to be alone to rejuvenate my spirit so I can teach and help my students. I am exhausted by the emotional and intellectual requirements it takes to teach my 180 high school students each day; it isn’t the students as much as the beauracracy of it all. As I age I am more selective whom I spend my private home time with. By the way I have a sweet little cottage type home that is my sanctuary – being gone so much during the week I find I just want to be here with my dog, flowers, candles, angels and music. I can pray and meditate more feel closer to God. Hey if this makes me weird -so be it – I am harmless:)

  116. 116

    All hail the Recluse’s Recluse!
    and i love it. :smile:

  117. 117

    hey just found your site , how great to find other reclusives

    just love being on my own

  118. 118

    :roll: Good stuff.

  119. 119

    Good stuff.

  120. 120

    Just found your site after typing the word ‘Recluse’ into Google. Did the quiz and I’m a ‘All Hail the Recluse’s Recluse!’. I’ve had good practice grasshopper.

    As of today’s date (11 Dec 13) I have only been outside my front door once, and that was on Monday for some grocery’s. I only venture outside every two weeks to do grocery shopping, and I love it. I have various disorders, one of them being Avoidant Personality Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder brought on by parental abuse when I was a child and a SA in the early years of adulthood. The situation and attitudes of the latter put me off people completely. Funnily enough, I don’t even like social networking, which I know a lot of recluse’s like and prefer because it isn’t actually going out and meeting people. With me it’s just people. I have two cats whose company I much prefer.

    However, I also have depression (a co-morbidity of having A.D.H.D), and this is getting worse and my energy and motivation levels in all areas is low to non-existent. Not sure if to look into this or not. Haven’t decided.

    Well this is me. Or a part of me at least.

    For those who like/love being a recluse, a big thumbs up. Oh, and hail to the night time hours, ‘the’ best time of the day – nice and quiet with no AH’s about.

    With kind regards.


  121. 121


    How good to read your comment .

    You are so like me its unbelieveable,

    I to suffer with SAD ANDE PAD

    Also I live with my 2 cats
    Living on my own, means no hurt as I do not trust other people.
    I do go out to the shops and the cinema, which I do not have to converse with others
    ;-) hope to hear from you soon

  122. 122

    All hail the recluse’s recluse. Fits me to a tee. I like sitting in the dark. no lights except to find something and I love it when it rains all day for days. DTA, Don’t trust anybody. And I don’t like people. I’m happiest when it’s just me,I and myself.

  123. 123





  124. 124

    Bohomiz, Lizzie and Charles. I live with my cat. just me and her. I dislike company in anyway!
    If I do have it. I’m nice and cordial. but it’s really draining. so it must be infrequent.
    even my cat is scared of people! haha she hides when anyone comes near the door.
    I sometimes stay in to myself ALONE except for Kitty for 13 days. I just go to the grocery store and Errands and try and get them done in one day so I can recluse for another 2 weeks.
    I too do not trust people and can’t get close anymore. I have SA disorder and avoidant personality. due to my natural shyness and emotional abuse and bullying while growing up.along with rejection from people I trusted and loved. I think I am a good actor in a way. able to chat with people and be friendly. not saying I am a FAKE NICE guy. that part of me wants or wanted to LIKE people. but they are just disappointing. so I bring that out when I have to. as a means of survival when I’m out and put HIM back in hibernation mode until next time. I used to facebook/socialize. now it too seems too fake and cliquish for me. and deactivate my account for months to avoid ‘KNOWING’ anyone. I’m no longer easy to get to know and am as skittish as my cat!
    Now IN MY 40′S I no longer care to even try. leave me with my puttering. decorating and TCM/classic movies and My Kitty Cat and the world OUTSIDE. Phffft be gone!

  125. 125

    hi ricky

    great to read your message, you seem a really nice guy

    my cats are nervous too ut that’s good because people aren’t good to have around you

    people used to try to get to know me but I gave nothing away so they gave up

    take care do what you want

  126. 126

    Thanks Lizzie! that’s nice of you to say so.
    seems all cats I have had are the same! they mirror me some how.
    and you are right people aren’t good to have around you. so many back-stabbers. I just can’t bother any longer. I’m not accessible anymore either. my WORLD has so many things I can enjoy doing alone. people always made me feel FOOLISH. their pretending to care and back stabbing ways sends negative vibes through me like a hot butter knife through butter! I just RUN.

  127. 127
    nikki r:

    I think the label recluse is for us people who are so cool we like spending time with ourselves

  128. 128





    LIZ ;-)

  129. 129
    Social Recluse:

    A long time ago my Mother told me to be my own best friend and I’d never be alone.I like to converse with people but only at MY choosing. I don’t want to be forced to speak with people nor will I put myself in the position to do so. I’m a sports graphic designer so I work from home and LOVE IT. No commute, no talk about Duck Dynasty or any of that nonsense. Just me and my laptop. I can have food delivered, money delivered (again working from home) and pretty much anything else I need. WHY LEAVE?? For the most part I’m a humanitarian but I hate people.I want the best for humanity but am skeptical about the chances of those hopes coming to fruition so why bother? If the most you have to offer is your opinion on the Grammys I’m perfectly content to live in my version of reality totally detatched from the sad realities of ‘the real world’. I wear my recluse
    adge with dignity and honor and only those whom I see fit will ever know me. I think we all owe that to ourselves. I will forces be the Social Relcuse.

  130. 130

    yes I know what you mean being a recluse is a good personal choice
    who wants to be a sheep and be married with 2.4 children have a certain car etc etc?

    Who we really are only we know I have learnt not to let people in, as they only try to take over and hurt us

  131. 131


  132. 132
    caratacus macrussell:

    I wouldn’t mind if I weren’t reclusive, but, I can’t find any reason to give it up.
    If there were something or someone that I was passionate about…or even just simply enjoyed…then I might see my way to being more “social”. Unfortunately, I can see no value in people, governments, media, religions, and human ambition in general. I would welcome the opportunity to be proven as being wrong…..a highly unlikely occurence.

  133. 133

    Reclusive’s Recluse….. :mrgreen:

  134. 134
    M K:

    :mrgreen: Recluse’s Recluse

  135. 135


  136. 136

    anti-recluse? hmm…I guess I don’t LIKE being reclusive…so it must work at least a little lol

  137. 137

    caratacus macrussell, EXACTLY how I feel about my reclusiveness is best said in your words…

  138. 138
    Ukhti (ook-tee):

    “All Hail The Recluse’s Recluse”. Hmmm… Damn near five years later and my result is the same. Well, seeing as how I’m still thriving “hermit-style” (referencing my earlier comment), I guess it’s true, and old habits really do die hard (if at all).

  139. 139
    John C:

    I have become a recluse. My only social contact is the occasional phone call or my weekly shopping trip. I cannot get in step with the current state of society and find it simpler just to retreat.

  140. 140

    I am a recluse in training and the only reason is that I am thirteen and don’t have a choice of what I do. (Yet)

  141. 141

    Hello to CARATACUS MACRUSSELL. I believe we have communicated before. I am a RECLUSES RECLUSE. I could take or leave people but prefer to leave them. I live in the Maine woods and sometimes can’t get out in the winter which suits me just fine. I did not leave the house all last summer and all last winter. I live with 5 dogs and a paranoid schitzo husband so i have my sources of amusement. Animals are wonderful they can do no wrong.

  142. 142

    Hello Maria. Welcome to the life.

  143. 143

    I *WISH* I could have my local grocery store deliver my groceries for me, but unfortunately you have to spend a minimum of $50 and I don’t usually do that, not enough space in my freezer :(

  144. 144

    The Recluse’s Recluse…. awesome!! :razz:

  145. 145

    I am a recluse in training! I know I’m much more reclusive than that though. I’m forced to be a tiny bit social at work. I’m an accountant the perfect job for a recluse and I have to interact with clients from time to time BUT I keep it professional short and sweet. :) I know they must all think I’m SO WEIRD for being so quiet but I could care less!!! I love my privacy, my own private thoughts, emotions and yes they are all precious to me. I think I’m a fantastic person. I’m very kind and tolerant of other people but I don’t feel other people are the same to me. I feel like people want me to be different and I never will be. I adore being alone. i find other people amusing upon occasion but most of the time i find them to be incredibly annoying. I’m a very sweet person and most people don’t like sweet anymore. It’s a tough world out there! So I’m glad to be alone in my sweet kind thoughts away from others. I do enjoy being with my nephew but soon he’ll be grown up and lose his sweetness like so many people do in this world. This is an awesome blog! I find a lot of comfort in knowing there are a lot of other recluses out there enjoying their reclusive lifestyle and unique way of being a recluse! Everyone’s posts are awesome thank you for sharing :) Recluses are awesome! :!:

  146. 146

    LoveBeingAlone – Stay awesome girl! ;-)

  147. 147

    Hah! I got ”All Hail The Recluse’s Recluse”. True. Man, whoever made the test, you nailed it. :smile:

  148. 148

    Male recluse in training… Lol great blog tho enjoyed it

  149. 149
    David martel:

    I am in a relationship, we have a business together and throughout the last two years I seem to spend allot of time alone and I love it. I have always thought about living in a place where no one will bother me and every day that goes by I want it to be a reality.

    I noticed about about two years ago that I really do not like spending time with other people when a friend invited us to dinner. All I could hear was about the new cars they wanted or an expensive house, and how they hate their neighbor. I even hate to have dinner with family. I hate all the drama and can live without it

    I love my animals and could be happy in a camper in the woods. The longer wait the harder it is for me to deal with people. I do not like to shop, do not like crowds and think that socializing is the worst. I like the rainy days and also snowy days. There is something so calming about both.

    Now, all I need to do is get a job I can do from home.

    Thanks for reading.

  150. 150

    It sounds like you are being true to yourself and don’t try to pretend you enjoy things that you don’t.

    People spend too much time comparing themselves to others and then feeling good or bad about themselves depending on if they feel superior or inferior to others.

    Freedom to me means I make choices in my life based on what makes me happy and not giving a damn what others think or say about me.

    Here’s to staying true to yourself!

  151. 151
    Shelby RA:

    Knew it. Recluse’s Recluse.

  152. 152
    Lim Lynn:

    Recluse Recluse has all the advantages. I damn hate when people thought I was in solitary confinement when I needed all my solitude time find more facts and brain teasers.

  153. 153
    Lim Lynn:

    Moreover advise to parents is let the reclusive has his/her way since they are musing filled with happiness by themselves. If not you going to force them being more anxious and suffer more anxiety if you force them out of the house.

  154. 154
    Lim Lynn:

    About all listed holidays New Year, [Chinese including Moon Cake aka Autumn Festival and Solstice Festival.] New Year, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other celebrating dinner will always end up failing in the long run if you really interfere and interrupt your peace and quiet solitude time. Wishlist for Reclusive is to leave us alone by skipping all the dinner and don’t ever force us to celebrating our birthday unnecessary small talk that let us see your fake personality showing how responsible you can be.

  155. 155
    Lim Lynn:

    You will feeling loneliness when you miss solitude time. Void, abyss, vacuum, darkness, wormhole and black hole tend to be trigger nightmare when you sleep after you experience bad company with people who will misunderstand you.

  156. 156
    Cerpina Taxt:

    Recluse’s recluse. I really hate leaving the house and being around people. I’m afraid of people, unless I somehow know them personally or I chat with them over the internet. I really only leave the house to get cigs.

  157. 157

    Does anyone here live in Maine?

  158. 158
    Novelist Recluse:

    I am the recluse’s recluse. Completely believable. The question answering “Do online friends count?” made me bust out laughing because it is so true. I get on Facebook and see people I went to school with…well…I want to stab them over and over or just delete them from my life. I hate people…unless I meet them online.

    I hate leaving the house and just generally being around people. The only reason I leave is a.) because I have to and b.) because of school/work. I have told my fiance multiple times “it’s not that I hate you. Or that I hate being around you. I just have days–or periods of time spanning months–that I just don’t want to talk to anyone. I just want to spend my days in bed playing video games, writing or reading a book.”

    At first I thought I was crazy. That what I felt was just depression or something. That everyone felt like that. I quickly learned that wasn’t so–that I was far different. That people needed social interaction yet…I didn’t. When I learned about recluses…it made me feel better to know it was (slightly) normal.

  159. 159

    Urban recluse in training??? Not even close. I live out in the country. The mountains and forests are my refuge. My wife and I could go weeks without outside contact.

  160. 160

    I am a recluse’s recluse! Already guessed I was a recluse…so what’s new! Only time I feel really lonely is when I am in a crowd

  161. 161

    Recluses Recluse…. So true!!! ;-)

  162. 162

    I am a recluse-in-training. Actually, I’m a pretty social person, it’s just that I’m not allowed to have friends or go anywhere or do anything. I am supposed to waste my life.

  163. 163

    And why is that? Who is not allowing you?

  164. 164

    Recluse’s recluse. I do solitary technical work from home, live in a rural area and only go out in public for an hour a week to shop. As it is I do most of my shopping online. If it wasn’t for the farmer’s market and hardware store I wouldn’t even need to see people ;-)

  165. 165

    :| Similar.

  166. 166

    All Hail the recluse recluse. Yes I am very reclusive. I like being alone and prefer having no one bother me. I don’t like going into the outside world and I hate parties. All I need is my books, my video games and the vodka. It keeps me happy ;-) — I never get lonely

  167. 167

    Well recluse recluse it is :|

  168. 168

    Recluse’s Recluse. :| I’m not even surprised. I already get stares and insults from family and friends.
    I can’t bring myself to enjoy other people’s company (the people i know do not interest me and new people are simply annoying)

  169. 169

    Yay! Recluse’s recluse and I LOVE it. People suck, what else is there to be said. :lol:

  170. 170

    I got the Recluse’s Recluse!

    I so hate other people, it’s the biggest bind to my day…

  171. 171

    :roll: :grin:

    I’m a recluse in training too!!… my only kid is in college. I actually had to get rid of a roommate because she insisted on using me to dump all of her problems and to contact me at least once a day while I’m in the next bedroom. I swear I started to feel like I was in a living hell with her here. She is officially gone for good thank goodness. She was driving me up the wall. I am loving this peace and quiet I just love it. And overall the sex aspect is definitely a concern because I love sex. And I have guys pursuing me all the time good looking men of all ages. What I do is I scan just for fun and all these men come after me wanting to go out with me but i just look at the pictures and pass on by. Some of them I stay in touch with on text and I never meet them. There have been times I’ve met them. And of course I’ve got a good looking younger guy that I see once in awhile so I’m very fond of him he adores me to death. But that’s only twice a month. I just don’t want to be bombarded by demanding people and waking up having to deal with somebody else. I’m enjoying myself. I enjoy my Netflix too.

  172. 172

    I quit my job and just hang around my tiny condo! I do what I want; I even exercise 2-4 times a week on a trail few yards from me around the corner. BUT I come back to my solitude. People are noisy and loud and shallow and anxiously try too hard to … whatever… they try too hard to prove themselves over and over and it’s quite boring watching this. I am very polite when I need to be and supportive to others but most people are boring.

  173. 173

    Do you find most people are liars and can’t be trusted
    Thats why it is not good to get to close to anyone

  174. 174

    you are a Recluse’s Recluse

  175. 175

    :roll: ;-) I am so enjoying my recluse life. After I quit my job a year and a half all I do is just whatever I want inside my little condo. It’s actually 1200 feet square feet pretty good size for me two bed two bath. and what I do is I get a roommate every now and then to pay the rent short term only. And then they absolutely have to leave because I cannot stand and tolerate them any longer. Like I physically start to get sick after certain time if I’m around them too much. What I do is go to the grocery store when I need to stack up on healthy foods big giant roasted chicken. I jog on the trails use my 3 pound weights when I want to. My life is wonderful. I love my life I could lay in my memory foam large queen bed in the dark with the peaceful whiteout sound humming in the background just beautiful it love it love it I could never figure out how anyone could get married. It’s just too noisy to be in love have to deal with all of the motional roller coaster ride that goes with it. It’s just too intrusive. And everyone who’s married always looks old and worn out I noticed. They always look tired. Yeah sure I love great sex and orgasms but it’s just not worth it in the long run. All the fighting and jealousy emotional outbursts in mind games just a pain in the ass. When I lay here with this piece buzzing in my ear quiet coming in the background it’s just beautiful peaceful.

  176. 176

    A recluse’s recluse……definitely am at peace with my self

  177. 177

    A recluse in training hey? Yeah, yeah ok fair call… I stumbled across this quiz aswell. Thank you. :)

  178. 178

    :?: :twisted:

  179. 179

    Welcome to NHK MIGHT help, it’s a good way to not feel alone.

  180. 180

    Retired; 60:
    A recluses recluse.
    If not going out to run errands for my mum 86:
    It ain’t happening.
    When I drag myself to the supermarket; I’ll buy en mass. The clerk will say “having a party? Hope all enjoy!” I just smile & nod thinking “I will not need to enter store again for myself for a month.”
    When I do show at retirement partiez:former coworkers can not realize how much I adored them to show.
    My last retirement party:I learned never sit down where folks you didn’t talk to working:sit around you retired. Plus big scene when you leave from sitting. Have been wondering how much of a scene it becomes to attend a retirement party:greet the retiree. Immediately leave/no goodbyes for the dreaded “leaving allready? You won’t see the 80 folks coming yet!”
    I’ve counted often the still employed I know:who I love enough to show up for.
    Books. The internet. TV I never watched working & still rarely watch now. I’ve never done a day of bored in my life.
    I rent. It’s embarassing: I have taken up opening door to look for note from maintenance.
    Today found out missed a note on front door all week: maintenance coming. Found me at 1 om in my “straight outa compton” tshirt; over nightgown & jogging pants & hoodie.
    Renting worth it to duck home maintenance and yard work & the contact needed if own home & hire others to do.

  181. 181

    According to the quiz, I’m an Urban recluse, but don’t mind being around others occasionally.

  182. 182

    Um I am sitting at at my neighbours house as no one is living there atm so I get to be alone yet have
    my stuff nextdoor but cannot stand ppl there like my parents or nephew who has adhd and is a spoilt brat and there’s chaos every night! Anyway sitting here with anxiety hoping my neighbour doesn’t come to visit (even though he knows I want/need to be alone he probably still come and wonder why I’m not happy!)
    So I got recluse in training but I think i am a proper recluse as I hate going to any events or seing people pretty much anytime! Love my life and am so much more happier and productive on my own!

  183. 183

    Recluse-in-training: that’s actually better than I feared!

  184. 184

    I am an urban recluse. I actually thought it would end up being a lot worse. :oops:

  185. 185

    I’m a recluse????. I will now go kill myself, this world has no use for me bye :!: :!:

  186. 186

    i got in training, think only because I have kids and have to go out, at the moment if I didn’t have to then I don’t think I would, my heads noisy enough by itself

  187. 187

    Recluse in trainng sounds good.

  188. 188

    Recluse in trainng sounds good ;-)

  189. 189

    A recluse’s recluse. I’m not surprised TBH. I don’t have a television, can’t remember the last time I listened to the radio and haven’t bought or read a newspaper for over 5 years now. If I go the shops it’s very early in the morning so as to avoid crowds and I haven’t seen what few friends I have in some cases for nearly a year. Most people tire me out with their banal talk, the few I do see because their conversation is wide ranging and stimulating. I am probably if not definately misanthropic and quite mistrusting of most people.

  190. 190
    David Randle:

    I think this Quiz was written by someone without a clue , I don’t have friends but desire them
    i holiday alone but desire company, for 6 days out of seven i don’t speak to another human but
    desire to talk to people . This quiz is worded by someone who doesn’t understand what being alone
    is really like ,people who are alone don’t have palls , but not by choice .
    I think the writer of this quiz should try spending a year without a phone on an isle with no other
    people , Then the Questions might just relate to someone like me.

  191. 191
    Linda Tarron:

    I agree David!! My partner is away for 3 weeks, and I miss him like crazy!!

  192. 192

    I’m sorry that the quiz was not written to your satisfaction, David Randle, but I did not intend it to be an all-compassing determiner of reclusiveness for every situation. And by definition, an *urban* recluse isn’t going to be alone on an island. There is more than one way to be alone, even when surrounded by other people. I don’t know the cause of your isolation so I can’t say anymore than that, but I hope you find what you’re looking for.

  193. 193
    Todd G.:

    All hail the Recluse’s Recluse! Just as I knew all along. Now if only I can find a job that suits my nature, without having to put up with people – or at least 99% of them.

  194. 194
    bob mackly:

    :twisted: sterben

  195. 195

    about right lol XD i love using the internet anyway so i dont need anybody XP

  196. 196
    Urban Recluse:

    I wish I had the balls to live off the grid. Or at least move to the country. 9-5 is sucking.

  197. 197
    Erika Windchime:

    All hail me as “The Recluse’s Recluse” but I don’t want any part of your gathering. Have a nice life, everybody, while I go somewhere else to find solitude in nature; escaping the intentional cruelties humans inflict upon animals, children, and each other. I’ll make my own little world of peace, nurturing plants and abiding my animals. And at the end of my days I’ll return naturally to the earth will the help of my plants and animals.

  198. 198
    Garry Spiller:

    Way to go, Erika – afraid to say it-s the only way to cope with the evil, horrible world
    out there: give me animals over people any day!

  199. 199
    Zaara Sifar:

    Recluse’s recluse! Yes…am almost there..having led an extremely social life earlier. ..I prefer keeping to myself and using my journal for my thoughts. ..only exception being if I come across a person who is on the same page as me. ..where a brief but meaningful interaction leaves one richer!

  200. 200
    John Smith:

    One good thing about being recluse ” silence Cannot be quoted @. I like silence so I can think. What makes me recluse is all the problems I get paid to solve for other people. No more people no more problems. I am old now no more thinking and ” miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep” (Robert Frost”). Ahh it’s quite now my mind is silent. It is true about silence “silence is golden”. White noise now nothing but static. It all crystal clear now. It’s great to be recluse it the most peaceful feeling on earth! Find your center thru self introspection. being reclusive is not as bad as you think it is.

  201. 201

    @Slmbo, I can totally relate to your post. if that was a marriage proposal, I say Yes! lol :lol:

  202. 202

    I’m then”recluses’ recluse”. I like the sound of that.

  203. 203

    Just as I thought ~ recluse’s recluse! :lol:

  204. 204
    Tony wentz:

    Recluse in training. very accurate .I do prefer my own company but I have no problems being around small groups of people from time to time

  205. 205
    Tony wentz:

    Recluse in training. very accurate .I do prefer my own company but I have no problems being around small groups of people from time to time …

  206. 206
    deb music:

    Im just happy im only the recluse in training! Ive always been able to easily be alone, but I can have a great time (at times) with others. its really hard for me now to go out on my own. i want deperatly tp change that, but dont know how.

  207. 207
    deb music:

    Im just happy im only the recluse in training! Ive always been able to easily be alone, but I can have a great time (at times) with others. its really hard for me now to go out on my own. I want deperatly to change that, but dont know how.

  208. 208
    ivor gett:

    Recluses recluse – no distractions from being in heaven. I love it.

  209. 209
    ivor gett:

    @deb music
    You could join a few classes / clubs doing activities you might like.
    I stopped going to all of mine – too many people wanting to chit-chat.

  210. 210
    ivor gett:

    “Quiet” by Susan Cain.
    This mandatory reading for reclusive natures.
    I’m 57 and finally understand who I am.

  211. 211

    Being a recluse often coincides with loneliness and depression.

  212. 212

    They say no man is an island but im the closest you can get to it..thank goodness i live in the time of the internet….my answer

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