Testimonials and Hate Mail


“You still remain my favourite reclusive urbanite (and no, not the only one I know either)” Westcoast Walker

“Hi there. I just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me! A comment you made on my Blog BMT at baddab.com/bmt and stuff I saw on your site about has given me new impetus to progress my writing to a new level.

I just wanted you to know that. For a recluse you sure are inspiring!



“Funky is the word that I’d choose to describe this blog. PJ describes herself
as an aspiring writer and city-girl recluse from South London. There is plenty here to keep the reader entertained, informed and crying out for more. There is a good selection of photos and videos, and the writing is crisp, witty and elegant. The design of this website is what makes it stand out when you first visit and you know you are in for a very nice, original experience.” Seamus, Shameless Words

“An urbane Brit lit chick”; “A cutie pie”; “Hands down my favorite Brit. Her comments always make me smile or laugh.”: Dr Monkey Von Monkeystein, Monkey Muck

“Very entertaining blog”; “There is nothing I enjoy so much as reading the fun adventures of this Urban Recluse! My favorite feature are the weekly Sunday Sauce posts where she talks about sexy boys and girls. Yummy!”: Becca, No Smoking at the Skullcave

“A compassionate person”; “A very warm sincere friend who spreads humor (when she’s in the mood) on her blog and shares her ups and downs in life openly”: SW, Confessions of a Sophisicated Writer

“Your blog has a certain quiet, away-from-it-all feel that I appreciate, being something of a recluse myself.” Liane Spicer, Wordtryst

“Bastardessa.” J.D., Joe’s Movie Corner


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    I agree with all the above. The design struck me first; really nice and atmospheric. I’m now exploring the contents, and I’m thoroughly enjoying. I’m bookmarking you, girl.

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    Thanks Ms Wordtryst, you’ve also got a very nice blog, I’ll be back there again soon.

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