Poker Frog

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SamuraiFrog, I hope you’re okay – looks like Lady GaGa has made herself a coat out of the corpses of your froggy cousins.


Sunday Sauce #21

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SS banner by Becca

This week I have chosen two actors, both of whom I first encountered in my favourite Bond movie, Casino Royale. They both appear in the following scene, which is one of my favourites of the movie.

EVA GREEN, who acted as Bond’s mysterious love interest, Vesper Lynd.
“So beautiful it’s indecent.” Bernardo Bertolucci

MADS MIKKELSEN, who played the villainous number-cruncher Le Chiffre in the movie.
Regarding the fact that he has been voted Denmark’s sexiest man numerous times, Mads said: “I’d rather be voted ‘the sexiest man in Denmark’ than ‘the ugliest man in Denmark’.” As if that could ever happen! I could stare at his face for hours and not get bored.

Tune in next Sunday for more saucery. Your comments are very welcome.

Up Yours, Eurostar

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Thanks for the smug emails you’ve been sending me for the past few months, informing me that you’re moving your London base from Waterloo to St Pancras, which will cut 20 minutes of the journey time, but frankly I couldn’t give a monkeys.

South London always gets overlooked when it comes to attractions and events, though the south is equally as good as the north. The tube doesn’t cover as much of our territory as in the north, but we manage anyway. Having the Eurostar based at Waterloo was a great boon to us long-suffering south-Londoners. Now you’ve taken that away from us.

So I can honestly say that I wasn’t happy to get your cheerful email telling me that I’m “only 42 minutes from [your] new central London home” with a personalised journey planner from my home to St Pancras. I was about 30 minutes away from Waterloo, so the quicker trip to Paris from the new location won’t make much difference to me.

Now I’m not going to cut off my nose to spite my face and say that I’m going to boycott your services, as I prefer taking the Eurostar over flying to Europe, but I won’t be as happy to use it now. Shame on you. Why couldn’t you have kept a couple of the “slower” services running from Waterloo?

I’m so glad that one of the best scenes of the Bourne Ultimatum was filmed at Waterloo station, my friends told me that they saw Matt Damon in action there, and I felt so chuffed. Here’s the scene, when I was watching it in the cinema I felt like I could have been there, avoiding stray bullets!

Ah, the memories, at least I’ll always remember Waterloo International.

waterloo international

Up yours,


Blogging ASBO

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It’s Wednesday night, so I can safely say that whatever WMD that J.D. launched against me was unsuccessful.

For this reason I am going to reduce this blog’s threat level from Critical (an attack is expected imminently) to Moderate. (an attack is possible, but not likely) And I’ve sacked the bodyguard (or demoted him to boyfriend status anyway).

In Britain the authorities give out Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) to menaces like J.D. Unfortunately they are often brandished as medals of honour by these hoodie-wearing hooligans, but the thought is there.

Hoodie Poochie

I have decided that it is my duty as a responsible blogger to give the blogverse’s first ASBO to J.D. for Mac-hatred, preparation or conspiracy to commit a terrorist offence and general acts of deviancy. Let us hope that this badge of shame will encourage him to change his ways for the better.


I sent one of my minions to deliver the ASBO document to J.D. in person and to ask him whether he was ready to apologise, unfortunately his only response was the following lewd gesture:


I’m not worried though, this is just stage one. If he doesn’t play fair I shall simply up the ante. I have friends in high places who aren’t as nice as me…

Queen of Kick-ass



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Evil blogging terrorist J.D. has issued me with a warning

Evil JD (more…)