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You don’t have to be insecure about your business plans as we will make sure that we help you with professional investment planning with featured case studies as well.

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therefore, profession and experienced financial advices are given on our platform so that you can prevent your business from any loss or damages.

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We offer you with efficient investment planning 

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How to build an online community

How to build an online community

Nowadays, thanks to the miracles of e-commerce and social media, there is a strong overlap between community and customers. People who buy products, leave reviews and recommend you to others make up a single large community that uses many different channels. And these people are not only intelligent and with excellent taste (of course) but they can also become precious ambassadors of your brand.

With a pinch of planning and creativity, even the smallest business can create an active and involved online community. Here are the 5 steps to follow to grow your online community.

1. Set realistic goals
A lively and dynamic community does not create us overnight. You need to consider your community a long-term project and set goals along the way. Whenever you reply to a comment or post an image, add another brick to your virtual clubhouse. Of course, you cannot devote all your time to this activity, so we advise you to work on it often and for a short time, logging into the community every day and spending 5-10 minutes answering comments or questions.

2. Create spaces for the community
To operate in a sustainable way it is important to create your own online community on a platform that is suitable for your style and your way of doing business. Facebook, for example, is ideal for finding new users and reaching many people thanks to the high number of subscribers and the ease of sharing posts, while Instagram is perfect for artistic or luxury brands. And Twitter is very useful if you intend to involve people using wit, intuition and knowledge.

Make sure to include in all your common spaces a clearly visible link or an “About Us” section that leads to your site, online store or other main social channel. In this way, customers can shop easily, choosing between different channels.

3. Be recognizable
If you use different platforms, for example, Twitter, Behance and Facebook, think about how to keep a coherent image. Will you have a main channel that automatically posts the same content to other interconnected multiple channels or accounts?

Whichever site or app you use, choose an account name that matches your brand or the name of your shop, and also coordinate the visual aspects, personalizing them as much as possible with your distinctive colors and graphic elements. We also recommend that you coordinate the design of your Business Cards and other offline marketing tools such as Postcards or Stickers

Beginner’s guide to choosing the brand’s colors

Beginner’s guide to choosing the brand’s colors

From the psychology of colors, to shades, shades and color ranges, we explain the jargon so you can start working on the funniest part and create an attractive brand for your business.

Why is the color palette so important?
When creating a brand, the color palette is one of the crucial aspects. Together with the tone of voice, fonts and brand values , it communicates to people who you are and what you do, helping to attract the right customers for your business.

“Choosing the most suitable colors for the brand is like wearing the right clothes in the morning,” explained Anna Ebubedike, MOO design director. “They express a part of you and what you represent.” Find out how our creative team developed MOO’s color palette.

The inspiration above all
Just as the brand values determine the tone of voice , they should also form the basis of the brand’s color palette. Start by creating a mood board with all the images and colors that you consider in line with your brand. You can be inspired by anything from packaging to fashion, from nature to interior design.

You can follow the artists you admire on Instagram, or use Pinterest to create specific compositions divided by color. Pinterest is an excellent resource for aggregating content; in addition, by sharing message boards with colleagues you can broaden your range of sources of inspiration.

The psychology of color
In the course of your research, you will realize that if you prefer warm or cold colors. In addition, the connotations of the shades you have chosen must also reflect the values ​​of your brand.

According to the theory of color, in fact, each color can be traced back to a mood or a value, according to the principles of the so-called “color psychology.” Some connections are instinctive, while others are somewhat less noticeable. Whichever color you choose, it will have a strong impact on brand perception.

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