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How to Become a Successful Manager?

As a manager you not only crave appreciation from your boss but your subordinates too! Anyone would love to hear that they are the best boss. Becoming the best boss or manager is not easy, its not something that happens overnight just like your promotion. A management position opens a lot of doors for you making sure you utilize this opportunity is very important. So, taking the right steps and doing this job the right way is important to ensure an even more successful future.  

So, let’s find out the steps in becoming a successful manager and a people’s favorite!

1.       Communication is the key.

Just like any relationship the only way a manager can ensure his success with his employees and in the workplace is by ensuring communication. Making sure that you are well acquainted with your employees, try to be their friend more than you try to be their boss. Part of your communication should be two-way feedback. This type of feedback would mean that you don’t only give feedback to your but also receive constructive feedback from your subordinates.


2.       Encourage a Collaborative and Creative Work Environment

An environment where everyone feels respected, heard, and valued is essential to ensure your success as a manger. Managers must make sure that the teams that they make are supportive of each other and work together, this will definitely increase the productivity of the whole team! Set weekly goals for your team and ask them to add their own creativity to everything, the extra brains will yield better results for the whole company.

3.       Take the Blame

As a manager, you’re not only managing people, but you are leading them. When the team achieves something, you get credit for that and take pride in it. Similarly, when something goes wrong you must step forward and take responsibility whether it’s a missed deadline, an undelivered project or presentation or an incomplete order. Take a step forward and take the blame for your team. Meanwhile, find long lasting solutions to avoid any such embarrassment in the future.

4.       Let Loose Sometimes

Getting work done is not easy, keeping a tight check on all your tasks and on all your employees is necessary to meet your deadlines. However, letting loose sometimes is necessary going too hard on your employees is only going to get you a lot of disgruntled employees unhappy with their work. After assigning tasks let people do the work and stop running after them, trust their ability and yours as a leader. This will also allow you to take your mind off from work and take breaks.

5.       Stay Humble and Respectful

Don’t ever let your power or position get to your head. As soon as you become proud and egoistic problems will start raising their heads and you may find yourself in hot water. Humility is one thing that will prevent you from stepping on your own toes. You will be able to see your own problems, assess your weaknesses and strengthen them. The only forward from here is staying humble. Showing respect to your colleagues will guarantee loyalty and mutual respect.


6.       Regular team reviews and meetings are essential

Its foolish to expect people to keep working without knowing what is required of them. Make sure that you are always in touch with all of your team, the best way to do this is to conduct weekly or monthly meetings dedicated to tell each employee what they need to do for the or the month. Talk to each person how they want to achieve their goals and how you can be of help. This will help achieving goals easier and quicker!

7.       The learning never stops

Keep educating yourself always, the only person whose progression in life stops is the one who stops learning and trying new things. This doesn’t mean you go on to read a hundred motivational books all this means is that you know your way forward. The route that you are going to take in this management journey, this will also help you solve a lot of problems that arise during the course of your work. This is also a good way to impress your bosses and show them your potential!

If all else fails just watch The Office and learn a thing or two from Michael Scott, World’s Best Boss (pun intended) and you’ll be set for the job! Jokes aside, becoming a good manager is very important to make sure that the business thrives and prove your worth to your company. 

9 Ways to Keep Feeling Young

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? This is that one question that keeps boggling my mind, but I never get an answer to it. Our age is actually just a number which tells us how to feel, probably after our teens we realize that play time is over, in our twenties we wants to study, work, put on some make up and party and make our life the best, by 30 we want to settle and by 40 we wants kids and after 50 we start thinking abut retirement and so on. For a minute remove these numbers from your life and would you still be following the same pattern? Probably no.  

Age is nothing but a number. A number that restraints your mind and places a barrier that is only removable by your sheer will power. Staying young is only possible if your mind and heart are young. Mark Twain rightfully said “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”

Without further ado lets learn how we can fight the signs of aging and slow the whole process. Here are nine things you should also do to age slowly and retain the pink and glowing flush of youth on your face.

  1. Its all in your mind

Your age is a number which you keep tell yourself and feeling old! The first thing you need to do is stop worrying about this number. Live your life just like you want to, not because you are 35 years old so getting a new piercing may be inappropriate at this age. If you want to keep feeling young, then you have to stop telling yourself that you are old.

  1. Believe in self love

Loving yourself is not limited to loving only your physical appearance and not letting anyone tell you otherwise. Loving yourself includes a lot of effort to make your life stress free and full of positive vibes. They take care of themselves in any way possible even if sometimes it means putting yourself above everyone and everything. Saying no without giving an explanation is one of the first ways to break through and love yourself.

  1. Nurture you Brain

We take care of a baby with so much detail and delicacy similarly if we must prevent our brain from aging us inside out, we need to be able to take care of it in a similar manner. Managing stress levels is highly important to retain a young and healthy skin according to many authors and experts. Try visiting a therapist regularly to keep your mind at peace.

  1. Positive Vibes only

Steer clear of any negativity and surround yourselves with all that is good. Whatever happens in your brain directly affects your body. An orthopedic surgeon has stated that positive thoughts and emotions lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system, and even lowers the risk of getting diabetes, all that you need to age slower!

  1. Hydrate

The key to always making your skin look fresh and radiating is keeping it hydrated. Drink as much water as you can but at least but at least eight 8-ounces glasses. This is the 8×8 rule which is very easy to remember too.

  1. More Hydration

Hyaluronic acid is the external element to keep you skin hydrated. It won’t only retain moisture to make the skin fresh, but it will also prevent it from leaving! They have been known to diminish wrinkles and improve the overall quality of your skin in a period as short as two weeks only! In other words, it’s the second-best thing after the holy water! (Is that too much?)

  1. Keep challenging yourself

The process of challenging your self is simple. To strengthen your personal development and brain activity you can enroll yourself in new courses. Learn a new language, some instrument or try out a new way of exercise. The point is to keep your brain working and involved. Working brain is equal to a healthy brain and that means even healthier body! Learning will keep your brain you and active.

  1. Home cooked meals only

Eating right is a part of maintaining healthy skin. Anyone who loves their skin and health will avoid takeout as much as possible because research has shown that people who cook their meals at home at least 5 times a day live longer by almost 10 years as compared to those who don’t! It’s not only pocket friendly but age friendly.

  1. Meditation and exercise

Meditation is known to improve psychological and physical health; moreover, many other studies have associated it with slow aging. Exercise obviously always keeps your body fully functioning which reverses the process of aging by a considerably long time.

Although, it is inevitable but there are ways to reduce the effects of aging. What we must never lose sight of is the fact that this is the cycle of life!

Toxic Workplace Etiquette That Everyone Should Avoid At Any Cost

Concerning about working in an office, manners matter. How you present yourself and connect to others. Since etiquettes are so essential to professional achievement, Let’s dig into all those etiquettes which a graduate should not practice in his workplace as they begin to enter the professional workforce, to avoid a toxic environment.

  1. Do Not Carry Sentiments Into Your Workplace.

Avoid oversharing. No one is interested in your personal problems, so it is best for you to keep your personal matters away from your workplace. If your emotions are acting as a hurdle and you are not in the right frame of mind to pay attention to your work, it is most likely better to take some personal time to sort out your problems, maybe a few hours or a day off. On the other hand, if there is something at your workplace that is bothering you, you may coordinate with your boss or human resource department to get a solution to your problems so that it does make a toxic environment all around.

In addition, sharing negative and often fallacious or incomplete information regarding your coworkers, boss, management or company as a whole, can easily create a tensed and toxic environment or fears and distrust in an office.

  1. Do Not Gossip About Your Colleagues Or Your Boss.

Gossip gets a bad rap. No doubt, sometimes the act of gossiping about anyone can be harmful and puts a negative impression on others. It is among the basic sins of office work that lead to an unhealthy environment and distrust. Many people feel uncomfortable when colleagues gossip about personal or professional lives. Sharing Topics such as sexual behavior, conflicts with bosses etc. Whether you are curious to gossip about your colleagues, your boss or the company, you are hurting no one but yourself if you do it. You may lose some who can’t be trusted

  1. Do Not Talk Back To Your Boss.

It is impractical saying; you can’t differ with them about traits of the job or strategy. Regardless of whether there isn’t quite an age difference among you and your boss, you ought to never disrespect them. Continuously show your supervisor respect and affection, and do your part to not be facile or sarcastic.This isn’t to state you can’t differ with them about parts of the activity, a task, or the organization’s technique. Don’t hesitate to share your concerns in the event if you have them. However, the way that you do, matters a lot.

Ideally, you will get the opportunity to rise in your career sometime in the future. You will need to have your boss in your corner to assist you.

  1. Do Not Cross Your Limits. (Do Not Over Step You Limitations)

In the workstation, you’ll often find yourself walking a fine line in how you present yourself. You need to be courteous, however you would prefer not to appear to be being dull; but confident, yet you would prefer not to violate your limits. It is important to learn how to balance things out.

  1. Being non-productive.

You should avoid unproductive habits such as workforces who are reserved and do not communicate well, frequently miss their targets and deadlines or fail to achieve the scope of tasks, harm your business with their laziness, do not pay attention to work, overtime, and many other unprofessional habits can easily create a toxic environment.

  1. Inappropriate Dressing For The Office.

It is a smart idea to adopt good dressing sense to impress especially when you are starting a role in a new organization for the first time. What is decent will rely upon the specific culture of your workstation. Just do not get dressed beyond the culture of your office. Inappropriate dressing at work can put a negative impression of yours on your coworkers. Spare your vintage tops, flip-tumbles, and see-through shirts for weekends. 

  1. Harassment And Bullying.

One should avoid such behavior, which degrades and threatens others and causes a problematic environment in workplaces. Harassment and bullying incidents involve written and verbal aggression; intimidators may use sexual or physical violence or threats against the victims.

In other words, staying away from inappropriate behavior and activities are in every case better to help it sometime later. One should avoid such behaviors that put a huge negative impact on the workplace and create a toxic environment. For example, a coworker’s bad behavior will discourage the conscientiousness of employees, complexes the situation and damages the reputation.

8. Avoid getting intoxicated too often with colleagues

It’s appropriate to have a nice after work drink with colleagues from time-to-time, or even to throw a cocktails back during the holiday party, but drinking excessively around colleagues is a big no-no. Eric Carver from Lantana Recovery, an alcohol and drug rehab in Charleston, recommends to set limits for yourself. You should know what makes you go overboard by now, and if you have a hard time stopping once you start, then it would be a good idea not to start drinking in the first place.

If you are starting your career after graduation or making a change in your career into an entirely new industry or a company and moving into your first job, it is reasonable to be nervous. But, Making mistakes is fine, with the understanding that you’re constantly growing and learning from those blunders, and also make an attempt to prevent doing the same blunder in your future, Note that, your colleagues will notice.

How to build an online community

How to build an online community

Nowadays, thanks to the miracles of e-commerce and social media, there is a strong overlap between community and customers. People who buy products, leave reviews and recommend you to others make up a single large community that uses many different channels. And these people are not only intelligent and with excellent taste (of course) but they can also become precious ambassadors of your brand.

With a pinch of planning and creativity, even the smallest business can create an active and involved online community. Here are the 5 steps to follow to grow your online community.

1. Set realistic goals
A lively and dynamic community does not create us overnight. You need to consider your community a long-term project and set goals along the way. Whenever you reply to a comment or post an image, add another brick to your virtual clubhouse. Of course, you cannot devote all your time to this activity, so we advise you to work on it often and for a short time, logging into the community every day and spending 5-10 minutes answering comments or questions.

2. Create spaces for the community
To operate in a sustainable way it is important to create your own online community on a platform that is suitable for your style and your way of doing business. Facebook, for example, is ideal for finding new users and reaching many people thanks to the high number of subscribers and the ease of sharing posts, while Instagram is perfect for artistic or luxury brands. And Twitter is very useful if you intend to involve people using wit, intuition and knowledge.

Make sure to include in all your common spaces a clearly visible link or an “About Us” section that leads to your site, online store or other main social channel. In this way, customers can shop easily, choosing between different channels.

3. Be recognizable
If you use different platforms, for example, Twitter, Behance and Facebook, think about how to keep a coherent image. Will you have a main channel that automatically posts the same content to other interconnected multiple channels or accounts?

Whichever site or app you use, choose an account name that matches your brand or the name of your shop, and also coordinate the visual aspects, personalizing them as much as possible with your distinctive colors and graphic elements. We also recommend that you coordinate the design of your Business Cards and other offline marketing tools such as Postcards or Stickers

Beginner’s guide to choosing the brand’s colors

Beginner’s guide to choosing the brand’s colors

From the psychology of colors, to shades, shades and color ranges, we explain the jargon so you can start working on the funniest part and create an attractive brand for your business.

Why is the color palette so important?
When creating a brand, the color palette is one of the crucial aspects. Together with the tone of voice, fonts and brand values , it communicates to people who you are and what you do, helping to attract the right customers for your business.

“Choosing the most suitable colors for the brand is like wearing the right clothes in the morning,” explained Anna Ebubedike, MOO design director. “They express a part of you and what you represent.” Find out how our creative team developed MOO’s color palette.

The inspiration above all
Just as the brand values determine the tone of voice , they should also form the basis of the brand’s color palette. Start by creating a mood board with all the images and colors that you consider in line with your brand. You can be inspired by anything from packaging to fashion, from nature to interior design.

You can follow the artists you admire on Instagram, or use Pinterest to create specific compositions divided by color. Pinterest is an excellent resource for aggregating content; in addition, by sharing message boards with colleagues you can broaden your range of sources of inspiration.

The psychology of color
In the course of your research, you will realize that if you prefer warm or cold colors. In addition, the connotations of the shades you have chosen must also reflect the values ​​of your brand.

According to the theory of color, in fact, each color can be traced back to a mood or a value, according to the principles of the so-called “color psychology.” Some connections are instinctive, while others are somewhat less noticeable. Whichever color you choose, it will have a strong impact on brand perception.

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