Who doesn’t love travelling? Most certainly I absolutely love travelling! While some of us love the comfort of our homes, stepping out of my comfort zone is my favorite thing. Challenging myself and learning new things in new places is my motivation for everything. As attractive as travelling is, it is equally difficult to sustain a good lifestyle when you frequently travel. I’m sure no workplace is going to let you vacation for more than 2 weeks per annum, so you have to find other ways. 

So for those of you who want to embark on a similar journey you will have to learn a few things about how to make money while you enjoy your travels! 

1. Freelancing 

The best way to make money when you are in transit or can not be dedicated to one place specifically. Develop a skill that pays well like writing, programming, graphic designing etc. You can offer these skills online to anyone for a price of your own choice and you can work at your own hours and at your own pace. No pressure from the boss looming over your head. You are your own boss and you can take breaks whenever you think you’ve done enough work or made enough money. Most importantly freelancing allows you to develop a skill that you love and make money side by side. 

2. Part Time Jobs

Many people are still not comfortable with the idea of freelancing and they want some sort of security in terms of their job. For them part time jobs are the best option. If you’re good at flipping burgers then mcdonalds is your place, if you know how to clean go to a hostel or a hotel and work there. Some hostels even offer a place to stay and food in exchange for work so you can save money that way. Other than that depending on the place and the season a variety of part time jobs may be available to make quick cash. 

3. Blogging And Vlogging 

Not everyone will be successful as this but provided the money that the companies have been pouring into social media marketing, having a blog on instagram and vlogging on youtube can really make you money well enough for long term travelling. You must keep filming while travelling and updating your social media in order to engage the audience and if you have a blog then updates are a must. Make your writing interesting and captivating because there is a lot of competition. 

4. Sell Photography

There’s no doubt that you will be taking loads of pictures when travelling, try being a little more artistic with your pictures and sell them. Take portraits of landmarks and beautiful places and sell them online and in local souvenir shops for quick cash. Make a personal portfolio and reach out to channels like Nat Geo and sell them your work. You can also use your photos to take part in contests and win big. Moreover, offer your photography services to other tourists and make money on spot!

5. Teach Locals Your Language Or English 

Many places we travel to in far off areas in the mountains people are very underprivileged and don’t have access to a good education system. You can either teach them a new language which could be your local language but a better option would be to teach them english so that it becomes easier for them to deal with the tourists that come. This may in some cases not  make you money but you can ask someone for a place to stay in exchange for some english lessons!

6. Offer Your Travel Expertise

If you’ve been travelling for a long time you must know your way around. For some people even treading through booking apps and finding the right places to stay is difficult. Many people are confused as to what places are the best to visit. Start offering your services to other people, plan their trips for them, make bookings and guide them as much as you can. This is one of the best ways to make money and you might even make some long term clients! 

7. Become A Travel Journalist 

If you know how to write and document things you are good for this job! You definitely would need the confidence of a journalist and the commitment to impressing your audience but a travel journalist can be on the move while working. You can document different festivals, seasons and local cultures and even food! People are actually really fond of such content because it makes them feel like they are travelling from the comfort of their home. 

Don’t wait for a bank full of savings before you start traveling. If that’s what makes you happy, do it right now! Plan things as you go on and adjust your urban lifestyle to this nomad lifestyle. Happy Travelling!