Oftentimes due to unforeseen circumstances or maybe not getting our morning coffee, we have all had that urge to call it quits at work and go home. You might want to jump off the work wagon for the greener grass on the other side but before you do that self analysis is very important. 

Is it really your work or is it just a bad moment taking over your day? Working 40 hours a week amounts to 168 a month and we all are looking to make these hours more happier than not.

Here are some expert tips on how to be happy at work:

1. Find a career you enjoy

No employee can be happy at work everyday just like in regular life. There are bound to be bad days but enjoying your career is the top most requirement for being happy at work a lot of the time. For some people having their skills utilized that they are proud of for others working on things they are passionate about does the trick. Whether it’s a job or independant consultancy, it can and will get tedious on some days. But if your career is something that makes you proud of yourself, you will have a great time. Enjoying what you do is one of the secrets to the top performers of the world.

2. Smile File

One of the biggest happiness robbers is comparing yourself to others, whether it’s work life or beyond that. Someone may get a promotion before you do, someone may be more appreciated for their work etc etc. To avoid this, keep a smile file. A smile file is a small file of all your accomplishments and rewards at work. Whenever you feel down at work because of your performance or you feel not good enough, pull it out and give it a read. Not only would it put you in a great mood but also boost your self esteem. If you are a manager, encourage sharing smile files in weekly meetings. 

3. Figure out what motivates you

Figuring out what motivation works on you gets half the job done. E.g if someone likes to work on meaningful things and is unable to figure this out, they will be inevitably unhappy at work. Knowing whether you like working on one thing to keep you motivated or multiple things at the same time etc. There are two types of motivations, intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic comes from the inside and extrinsic comes from the outside. Knowing which one works for you will help you move forward in your career. 

4. Energy Audit

For the next week keep tabs on your energy. Figure out what and where something starts to drain or boost your energy. Write down all the tasks at work and track if it fills up or drains down your energy cup. Make sure to include intentional and unintentional both diversions. After the week or lets say three days, review your sheet and see if you can make changes to shift to things that are less energy vampires and more of what sparks your light.

5. Take Breaks

Take that break. You can never have enough 15 minutes break. Take a walk, stretch, meditate or get yourself a cup of coffee. Allowing yourself time at work as necessary as it is in our daily lives at home. Don’t wait for the entire day’s tiredness to get your me time. Having frequent breaks at work can help you keep focus and get a lot more done than usual. This practice will allow you to be less stressed and be more excited about work.

Last but not the least, end your day with a gratitude break. This 5 minute exercise will help you keep your perspective and get you pumped up for tomorrow. We hope these tips help you get your happy work juices flowing. Let us know below what other ways works for you to keep you happy at work!