2020 broke us all, from our mental health to bank balance, everything went down the drain. With 2021 just starting new revolutions to be made, I thought why not start something big and new that could benefit us for real. Enough with sacrificing our needs and wants because of less money. Job earnings are not enough anymore to lead a peaceful life. One should have at least enough money to pay for their mental health. If there’s one thing that 2020 taught me it was to rightfully invest in my mental health. And honestly, anyone who says money’s got nothing to do with happiness didnt know shit about consumerism and life in the 21st century! 

So, I have come up with an exclusive list of 8 ways to make extra cash in 2020. Trust me, this one’s worth your time. 

1. Sign-up For Paid Survey Sites

After reading this you’ll regret all the times you filled a survey for free. There are actual websites that you can sign up with and get paid for just filling out surveys. Can you believe it! Your opinions do matter to someone at least and they are ready to pay up to $5. This is one of the easiest and safest way to earn some cash. Definitely one for the couch potatoes. 

2. Sell Stuff Online 

Instead of spending money on online shopping try selling things on online platforms like eBay and Craigslist. You can sell someone else’s products as well and earn some commission. This deal is truly exciting. You can sell literally anything online and with the amount of thrift pages these days people have started trusting home based sellers alot. Your online marketing skills can earn you enough for a vacation in Paris! 

3. Freelance Writing 

Freelancing is the next big thing in the global market these days. You can be your own boss, take whatever projects and write cool stuff for bloggers and companies. They will pay you well enough and if you have remarkable writing skills then it might help in earning more. There are a variety of writing jobs available online, all you have to do is search! You can also use freelancing platforms like fiver or upwork or get your work published on medium and get paid!

4. Become A Reviewer 

There is no science behind this. All you need to do is review some websites and apps and cash it out. It requires least effort. Browsing keeps us busy anyways, and now you can browse to get paid. You could even start your own youtube channel where you review different products and as soon as your subscribers start going up you can start making money from youtube. There are also some websites where you can sign up and get paid for giving reviews. 

5. Blogging 

Create your own blog and start posting about your favorite thing. You can find any niche that suits your area of expertise. Of course, you won’t start earning right away but with increasing readers, you will get to endorse products and put some ads and links on your blog, which you will be paid for. 

6. Tutoring 

You can start teaching anyone who could benefit from your knowledge. If you are good with English, there are online teaching portals for Chinese students who want to learn English, where you can register yourself and earn a handsome amount of money without leaving home. You could even find some kids in your neighbourhood to tutor in person even that can earn you a lot of cash. 

7. Become A Food Tester 

This one is my area of expertise! A foodie would love to pamper my taste buds and pocket with this cool job. Companies like Contract Testing Inc pay you to EAT! This is the best ever way to earn money to be very honest. You can easily register yourself and start earning pretty quick and gain some extra kg’s too (lol). Try to maintain a steady routine of exercise with food testing if you really get into it. 

8. Drive For Uber 

Uber driving service has accelerated in the past few years. You can earn a lot by simply registering yourself, choosing your desired working hours and taking people to their destination! This is the most flexible way to make your own money but for this you need to have a car. 

There is always a way out there to earn some bread and butter for oneself. You can make as much money as you want but there is one condition. Work hard and be honest. The world and money is yours.