As a manager you not only crave appreciation from your boss but your subordinates too! Anyone would love to hear that they are the best boss. Becoming the best boss or manager is not easy, its not something that happens overnight just like your promotion. A management position opens a lot of doors for you making sure you utilize this opportunity is very important. So, taking the right steps and doing this job the right way is important to ensure an even more successful future.  

So, let’s find out the steps in becoming a successful manager and a people’s favorite!

1.       Communication is the key.

Just like any relationship the only way a manager can ensure his success with his employees and in the workplace is by ensuring communication. Making sure that you are well acquainted with your employees, try to be their friend more than you try to be their boss. Part of your communication should be two-way feedback. This type of feedback would mean that you don’t only give feedback to your but also receive constructive feedback from your subordinates.


2.       Encourage a Collaborative and Creative Work Environment

An environment where everyone feels respected, heard, and valued is essential to ensure your success as a manger. Managers must make sure that the teams that they make are supportive of each other and work together, this will definitely increase the productivity of the whole team! Set weekly goals for your team and ask them to add their own creativity to everything, the extra brains will yield better results for the whole company.

3.       Take the Blame

As a manager, you’re not only managing people, but you are leading them. When the team achieves something, you get credit for that and take pride in it. Similarly, when something goes wrong you must step forward and take responsibility whether it’s a missed deadline, an undelivered project or presentation or an incomplete order. Take a step forward and take the blame for your team. Meanwhile, find long lasting solutions to avoid any such embarrassment in the future.

4.       Let Loose Sometimes

Getting work done is not easy, keeping a tight check on all your tasks and on all your employees is necessary to meet your deadlines. However, letting loose sometimes is necessary going too hard on your employees is only going to get you a lot of disgruntled employees unhappy with their work. After assigning tasks let people do the work and stop running after them, trust their ability and yours as a leader. This will also allow you to take your mind off from work and take breaks.

5.       Stay Humble and Respectful

Don’t ever let your power or position get to your head. As soon as you become proud and egoistic problems will start raising their heads and you may find yourself in hot water. Humility is one thing that will prevent you from stepping on your own toes. You will be able to see your own problems, assess your weaknesses and strengthen them. The only forward from here is staying humble. Showing respect to your colleagues will guarantee loyalty and mutual respect.


6.       Regular team reviews and meetings are essential

Its foolish to expect people to keep working without knowing what is required of them. Make sure that you are always in touch with all of your team, the best way to do this is to conduct weekly or monthly meetings dedicated to tell each employee what they need to do for the or the month. Talk to each person how they want to achieve their goals and how you can be of help. This will help achieving goals easier and quicker!

7.       The learning never stops

Keep educating yourself always, the only person whose progression in life stops is the one who stops learning and trying new things. This doesn’t mean you go on to read a hundred motivational books all this means is that you know your way forward. The route that you are going to take in this management journey, this will also help you solve a lot of problems that arise during the course of your work. This is also a good way to impress your bosses and show them your potential!

If all else fails just watch The Office and learn a thing or two from Michael Scott, World’s Best Boss (pun intended) and you’ll be set for the job! Jokes aside, becoming a good manager is very important to make sure that the business thrives and prove your worth to your company.