From the psychology of colors, to shades, shades and color ranges, we explain the jargon so you can start working on the funniest part and create an attractive brand for your business.

Why is the color palette so important?
When creating a brand, the color palette is one of the crucial aspects. Together with the tone of voice, fonts and brand values , it communicates to people who you are and what you do, helping to attract the right customers for your business.

“Choosing the most suitable colors for the brand is like wearing the right clothes in the morning,” explained Anna Ebubedike, MOO design director. “They express a part of you and what you represent.” Find out how our creative team developed MOO’s color palette.

The inspiration above all
Just as the brand values determine the tone of voice , they should also form the basis of the brand’s color palette. Start by creating a mood board with all the images and colors that you consider in line with your brand. You can be inspired by anything from packaging to fashion, from nature to interior design.

You can follow the artists you admire on Instagram, or use Pinterest to create specific compositions divided by color. Pinterest is an excellent resource for aggregating content; in addition, by sharing message boards with colleagues you can broaden your range of sources of inspiration.

The psychology of color
In the course of your research, you will realize that if you prefer warm or cold colors. In addition, the connotations of the shades you have chosen must also reflect the values ​​of your brand.

According to the theory of color, in fact, each color can be traced back to a mood or a value, according to the principles of the so-called “color psychology.” Some connections are instinctive, while others are somewhat less noticeable. Whichever color you choose, it will have a strong impact on brand perception.