7 Office Supplies That Your Workplace Needs

Office supplies are necessary for workplaces. They help with various tasks and serves as assets to companies.

When setting up an office, money will play a crucial role. That is because office supplies should be a must-have.

However, often you’ll find offices that have a lot of equipment and supplies that they don’t even need. Well, it’s true that knowing the equipment that really matters can be hard.

So to save you from the trouble, here’s our list of office supplies every workplace should have.


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A computer is a necessity for offices. In turn, a computer requires a printer to actually be useful. After all, the soft copies on computers will only be used by employees if they are turned to hard copies.

Documents such as invoices, letters, reports, lists, etc. need a place to be stored and printed. Printers can also scan documents which can turn hard copies to soft copies.


As we’ve already tackled, scanning documents will enable you to turn hard copies to soft copies, the opposite of what printing does.

Although we’ve already discussed the scanning feature of printers, it’s still better to have a piece of separate equipment for scanning.

For example, if the printer is too busy printing and something needs to be scanned, there’s no need to take turns in one equipment. After all, scanners are faster than the scanning of printers.


copier printer technology - 7 Office Supplies That Your Workplace Needs

As the name suggests, this office equipment can replicate documents, making it great for hard copies especially hand-written ones.

The great thing about this equipment is that it uses less consumables than printers, so it’s great for duplicating high volumes of documents.


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A whiteboard is a glossy and usually white surface used for presentations and many other tasks. Non-permanent markers are mainly used for whiteboards.

You can say that whiteboards are related to blackboards. However, it’s much easier for erasing markings and clearer. And let’s not forget about the smoother surface.

This makes it easier for employees or business owners to present something in front then erase the marking afterward for future use.


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Just like with whiteboards, projectors are essential when it comes to making presentations. It allows business owners and employees to show in front of people without moving an inch.

Tasks such as presenting business proposals or training employees can be a lot faster and smoother.

Paper Shredder

A paper shredder is a mechanical device. As the name suggests, it is used for shredding paper into fine particles, usually in the shape of strips.

It is mainly used by government organizations, private individuals, businesses. This is because it can be used for protecting confidentiality and business secrets.

That’s not to say that your business has shady secrets, but each business has some things they don’t want others to know

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Although it’s not that modern technology like the rest of the equipment in this list, cabinets are still essential for office.

Without these, documents, including confidential ones, can get lost and result in several issues. With that said, don’t forget to include locks in your “to buy list” if you’re going to purchase cabinets.


There are many office supplies in the marketplace. However, not every one of them is necessary for the wellbeing of the workplace. You should put a little more thought when buying office supplies.

If you think you’ll buy some of the office supplies on this list, you can contact us to know where to buy these equipment.